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Fewer errors


Safer operations

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More trust


In each workshop, you get:

  • Immediate access to Jake's 15+ years of experience and research

  • Honest, fact-based answers to your toughest questions

  • Concise, practical "how-to" skills for each topic we discuss

  • Structured, interactive, hands-on application of skills to your work

  • Practical take-aways and resources your can use immediately

  • Evidence-based strategies you'll use for years to come

Delivery: Either on-site or virtual

Duration: 1.5 - 7 hours to fit your needs

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"...Even our most senior and experienced experts were impressed! One said, “I really appreciate how Jake's approach is very different from other HOP experts." Jake gave us lots of real-world examples and specific words and phrases that we can apply immediately. Not just more theory.” Several attendees told me that they've already begun applying these practical skills to improve safety and human reliability in our field teams around the world.

~ JT Lee, MS, Senior HSE Advisor, Organizational Learning, Chevron

1) Seven Practical Steps to Build a Culture of Safety and Human Reliability

An interactive workshop for technical experts in high-hazard industries

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Unwanted errors and surprises can threaten life and limb, ruin careers, and cost $37 billion each year.


In this workshop, you’ll apply fundamentals of seven key steps successfully used by: pilots, firefighters, soldiers, and other high-reliability teams across the globe:

  1. Take a Learning-Based Approach

  2. Build Psychological Safety

  3. Lead After Action Reviews

  4. Transform Investigations

  5. Apply Classic Defenses

  6. Improve Systems

  7. Build Resilience


After this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  1. Apply seven practical steps to build a culture of safety & reliability in your team

  2. Avoid the hidden trap that teams fall into when they rely on classic error-prevention tools

  3. Show 3 differences between the Control-Based vs. the Learning-Based approach to errors

Ideal For

Front-line and senior leaders in high-hazard industries like electric power utilities, specialists in EHS, HSE, Human Performance, HOP, Incident Investigation, Event Analysis, Risk Control

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"Jake's style and delivery stand out. Not only does he deliver great content, but he is very engaging and uses technology and audience interaction to keep the audience's attention from beginning to end. And perhaps most importantly, he provides practical and actionable information that the audience can take and use immediately."

~ Lisa Brooks, Director North American NSC Networks

2) How to Lead Learning-Based Event Reviews

An interactive workshop for technical experts in high-hazard industries

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  • Why are most incident investigations so painful and ineffective?

  • How do the best teams in the world learn from incidents involving misunderstandings, miscommunications, and other errors?

  • How can you build trust, engage your front-line experts, and get 3-7 process improvements to help prevent recurrence of any error-based incident or event?

Simple techniques like the “Five Whys” often fix the blame without fixing the problem.

Root Cause Analyses are often too complex or expensive.

Join us to get a practical alternative: an Event Review.

  • It builds trust, improves processes, and grows priceless human expertise

  • It’s based on experience with 300+ incidents and 10+ years of research


After this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  1. Choose which incidents / events are good candidates for the Event Review process

  2. Apply the practical 6-step Event Review process to analyze real-world incidents / events

  3. Avoid the 5 common mistakes that most traditional event analysts make

Ideal For

Front-line and senior leaders in high-hazard industries like electric power utilities, Specialists in EHS, HSE, Human Performance, HOP, Incident Investigation, Event Analysis, Risk Control

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“We got good value in working with Jake. He has a gift of explaining Human Performance Improvement (HPI) to all of our people. We have a diverse audience from engineers, environmentalists, finance, human resources, and field construction management and testing teams. Jake was able to teach HPI processes and techniques to all of them.”

~ Shayne Wright, P.E., V.P. Field Services, Power Engineers, Inc.


Q: Is delivery on-site or virtual?

A: Whichever works best for your needs.

Q: Can you customize a workshop to fit our unique needs?

A: Yes, if you have specific questions or goals, let's discuss them long before our workshop. I'll customize the workshop content and flow to ensure we address them in detail.

Q: How many people can participate?

A: Small groups (less than 30 people on-site, or less than 20 virtually) create much better interaction, discussion and hands-on application. But if needed, we can easily handle larger groups.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: Yes. If you're ever less than satisfied with any of the workshops, just email me the details within 3 days. If I can't fix it to your satisfaction, you pay nothing. (In 8+ years of business, no one has ever needed this option).

Q: OK! How do we get started?

A: Click here to schedule a no-pressure discovery call with me. We'll discuss your needs, goals, team, budget and other details. When you're ready, we can schedule a brief "Pilot Workshop" for 12-24 of your most trusted decision-makers and experts. After that Pilot Workshop, you and your decision-makers will know if this is right for your team.


“Jake has a way of translating human performance concepts into applications that are thoughtful, aligned with science, and connect with workers."

Elizabeth Lay, Director of Safety & Human Performance, Lewis Tree Service

A Safer & More Reliable Work Culture


Practical Skills

Your people are busy. So, I summarize hundreds of pages of research saving you years of time. Your people get practical content they can apply immediately.

Expert Guidance


Learning new ideas is easy. Putting them into practice is hard. And a few minutes of Q&A is never enough. So, in a series of brief coaching discussions, your people get feedback & guidance to maximize impact on work.

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Sustainable Change

One-and-done trainings are a sprint. Improving culture is a marathon. We spread our workshops out over weeks or months. Why? So your people get reinforcement on core ideas, and enough "soak time" to experiment, adjust, iterate, and sustain momentum that drives real world change.


“The kind of long-term, deep mentoring that Jake does compounds over time and generates far more valuable results than any class or presentation by itself.”

~ Robert J. Latino, Principal al Prelical, LLC

Respect & Expertise

I respect how errors in high-hazard workplaces can instantly change careers, reputations, and lives.

I've served on reliability-driven teams as a firefighter, an EMT, a military paratrooper, and as the Human Performance Lead for 3,600 experts in a large electric utility.

I've felt frustrated, perplexed, even angry at errors that seem 100% preventable... in hindsight. And I've made plenty of errors myself.


So, over the past decade, I've assembled a set of practical strategies, skills and models that I wish someone had shared with me years ago.

I love sharing these ideas with leaders and technical experts in high-hazard industries so everyone can be safer, more reliable and more engaged in the work they do everyday.


Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D


"We invited Dr. Mazulewicz to guide and facilitate a workshop among our hiring managers…

His facilitation process pulled the best information and ideas from our mixed-discipline group.

We look forward to working with him on our next complex problem."


~ John J. Kumm, P.E., VP of Field Services, POWER Engineers

Changing Culture Should be Easier

Schedule a Call
We discuss your goals and timeline, and you get helpful resources immediately.

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Choose the Workshops
We plan the right series of workshops to achieve your specific goals.

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Get Results
Your leaders get practical strategies to improve reliability and safety ASAP.


“Before this workshop I thought, ‘Procedures will protect the employee.’ Now I’m realizing that while still important, not all incidents can be solved by procedures.”

~ Deputy Division Director at a national research laboratory

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