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Event Reviews

A simple, practical alternative to traditional blame-based investigations and complex RCAs

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  • I lead your team through a review of any incident or event involving misunderstandings, miscommunications, or other complex, human-based errors

  • We'll use a 6-step, non-punitive, Learning Based Process

  • We'll identify 3-7 high-value, low-cost, non-obvious process improvements to fix the problem (not the blame)

"Your analysis was the most thorough and well-documented of any we have had to date...

the interviews and investigation were not threatening in any way...

we have already implemented some changes to our processes."

Manager of Electric Transmission System Operations in an electric power utility serving 1+ million customers

Download this 2-page PDF showing 9 differences between Traditional Investigations and Event Reviews

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"We needed a different lens from a Human Performance perspective, a process of documentation that captured the whole event, and delivered clear and concise objects!


Thank you Jake for bringing that new perspective!"

Brenda Houtz, MBA, NERC RC,

Executive Director Grid Management, Consumers Energy


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