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Changing Culture

“Jake has played an integral role in re-shaping culture and behaviors around safety and work planning and control...


Folks are beginning to realize the importance of communication and collaboration...


The use of fail-safes, adaptive thinking, and peer checks are becoming part of the way we do things at [our lab].”


~ Work Planning and Control (WPC) Program Manager at a National Science Laboratory

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“I met Jake in 2016 while we were both presenting for a Human Performance Improvement (HPI) conference in Colorado.  I was intrigued by his unique perspective on HPI. He was deeply thoughtful, yet also uncommonly approachable and easy to talk with. He is an exceptional listener. One of my key takeaways from that conference was meeting Jake.
We both live near Richmond, VA. So we meet at a local coffee shop about every 6 weeks to share insights on HPI, ideas on Root Cause Analyses, and tough questions and honest answers on resilience, risk management, errors, decision-making, consulting, interactive teaching, presenting, and life in general.  

Over time, I’ve realized that Jake is an excellent mentor. He challenges my assumptions and gets me to re-think the reasoning behind my positions. He gives me fresh, often fascinating new perspectives to consider. And because all this occurs gradually, over months or years, I never feel rushed or overwhelmed. It’s rare to find a mentor that can sense and leverage “Teachable Moments” as well as Jake does. The kind of long-term, deep mentoring that Jakes does compounds over time and generates far more valuable results than any class or presentation by itself.


~ Robert (Bob) J. Latino, CEO, Reliability Center, Inc.,


Teaching Cross-Functional Teams

"We got good value in working with Jake. He has a gift of explaining Human Performance Improvement (HPI) to all of our people. We have a diverse audience from engineers, environmentalists, finance, human resources, and field construction management and testing teams. Jake was able to teach HPI processes and techniques to all of them.


We have seen great improvement where we have successfully incorporated Jake’s HPI strategies. And we have applied his After Action Review process to build more efficient operations, deliver more consistent high quality services, and enhance an already strong culture."

~ Shayne Wright, V.P. - Field Services,

Power Engineers, Inc.

53 Grass Roots HPI Projects -- A Business Case

SCG, Inc.* is a substation construction contractor with 500+ employees. SCG asked Dr. Mazulewicz to help "operationalize" their HPI program from nice-to-know theory into real world, hands-on practice. We pinpointed their unique needs with our HPI Self Assessment, then designed an interactive, one-day HPI workshop for Leaders and led it for 150+ SCG staff at six different locations.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. More importantly, each participant in each workshop drafted their own grass roots HPI Project tailored to the unique needs and culture of their team. 

After the workshops, Dr. Mazulewicz partnered with the SCG's three HPI Subject Matter Experts to:

  1. Choose the best HPI projects to implement (we identified 53 practical projects)

  2. Consolidate similar projects into teams

  3. Assign an experienced Supervisor as HPI Project Manager for each team, and

  4. Spread out project start times to balance resource load.


Several project teams started implementing their HPI projects on their own even before we even followed up with them! 


Over the next twelve (12) weeks, Dr. Mazulewicz followed up with the HPI Subject Matter Experts regularly via conference call to ensure that as many projects as possible would "stick." Projects included:

  • Capital job baseline checklist

  • Shift handoff procedure

  • Cable input cards in RTU cabinets

  • Load check blocking device

  • Low air / low energy BKR alarms

  • Slip links and front panel test

Instead of management chasing "buy in" for another top-down "Program," 100% of the HPI projects in this partnership were designed and led by the men and women who do the work everyday. Senior management, the HPI Subject Matter Experts and Dr. Mazulewicz supported, assisted and advised as needed.

"Our decision to reach out to you to help support and further our human performance program has been one of the best decisions we have made.  Your professionalism and knowledge along with your awesome interactive style and willingness to adapt as you have learned more about our organization has been marvelous.”

~ Substation Construction & Maintenance Contractor with 500+ employees

*SCG is a pseudonym

Team Meeting

Exceeding Expectations

“I went into this workshop knowing I wanted a better way to educate people [In HPI]. Right from the beginning it was apparent that I was in for more than just an interactive workshop.


I’m thinking, “Oh no, I’m going to have to learn new methods and apply them on the fly. No way, I don’t have the talent for that!” As I fought through the stage fright and as I applied the methods through short presentations, a surprising thing happened.


I grew calm and confident; and, my goal shifted from producing a technically perfect slide presentation to executing a highly effective learning session.”


~ Rod Kinard, Manager of Environment, Oncor Electric Delivery Company

Building Confidence

“Experiencing each technique then discussing it made them click faster and made me more comfortable implementing them because I saw them in action.


I gained more and more confidence over the two days. I started off really nervous and scared after knowing we had to present, but the more I did it, the more comfortable I got."

~ Katie Smith, Technical Specialist for Environment, Oncor Electric Delivery Company

Reducing Errors by 60%

“With the help of Jake’s training, we have raised our workforce’s awareness of the errors that occur while we do the work we do and introduced HP defenses that can be put in place to eliminate those errors.


Through everyone’s hard work, we have been able to reduce the technical workforces’ human error rate by more than 60% over a three year period.


Those numbers speak for themselves and Jake’s Human Performance training paved the way for those improvements. Thanks, Jake!”


~ Mike Carden, Technical Supervisor of 200+ Field Techs & Contractors, Dominion Energy 

Creating Return-On-Investment (ROI)

“The classes were very good... As personal kudos for you, the regulator gave us a discount on our fine in part due to the classes. All 3 were a big deal to them and me.”

~ Manager, Information Technology Risk Management

Applying the System View

​"Jake's presentation on human performance tools and the over-focus of laying blame on individuals instead of addressing organizational weaknesses was well received by our attendees.


The presentation was highly interactive and provided great use of props and videos. Our audience really appreciated the opportunity to take these ideas back to their individual organizations for further use."

~ Brian Van Gheem, Manager of Reliability Compliance, ACES


Jake is one of the best trainers (and people in general) I've ever met. His love of learning and teaching is simply infectious. I've watched so many people (including myself) perform better and more safely in our work, and in turn become better coaches to our colleagues on human performance and safety because of Jake's input. 

Now, whether on psychology, human performance, high reliability organizational culture, cause analysis, or any other number of topics, I frequently ask myself, "What would Jake think about this approach?" and "How would Jake teach this to others?" Asking those questions has helped me to teach, and do, better in my work.”

~ M. Legatt, Ph.D., CEO, Resilient Grid, LLC & former Human Factors Engineer, ERCOT


“Practical and knowledgeable are two words that come to mind when Dr. Jake Mazulewicz’s name comes up. He has a keen ability to dissect complex, academic concepts into objective ideas and tools usable by everyday common folk in the workplace...


Above all I have been impressed with Jake’s innate talent to get to the core principle of any issue and to communicate it simply and directly. This is an important skill for consultants in human and organizational performance, which managers usually consider “too hard.”


Jake has my vote of confidence in human performance improvement.”

~ Tony Muschara, CPT, Principal Consultant & Owner, Muschara Error Management Consulting |


I had the pleasure of working with Jake from 2010 to 2015 when he assumed a new role to develop and expand an emergent Human Performance program for the T&D business at Dominion Energy.


In five years, he took our fledgling HP program to the next level as he created training programs and case studies, facilitated the development of Dominion colleagues, and collaborated with industry peers to learn and share information. Jake has a natural talent for presenting and a unique way of engaging his audience and holding their attention.”

~ Jerry Beverage, Director of Safety & Training, Dominion Virginia Power


“Your investigation and analysis was the most thorough and well documented of any we have had to date of the previous error investigations.


I feel the interviews and investigation were not threatening in any way, but you only tried to find the root cause of the error without pointing fingers.


I also appreciate your suggestions on putting additional layers in place to prevent more potential errors. We were able to review your findings and recommendations and have already implemented some changes to our processes.”

~ Manager, Electric Transmission System Operations


“We have had Jake present different topics at our meetings and workshops, and he always does an outstanding job! From his B-17 story to facilitating discussion sessions, he keeps audiences engaged and involved in order to learn. It has been a sheer pleasure working with Jake over the last few years and I look forward to future endeavors with him.”


​~ Jeffrey L. Mitchell, P.E.  Director – Reliability First

Audience and Lecturer


“Jake’s knowledge of human performance and the ability to break it down to easily understandable pieces was very beneficial to me as I was new to the HP world at that time.  His facilitation style and “storytelling” approach is very valuable and he has a knack of drawing people in.”


~ Laura Redenshek, Chair, North American Transmission Forum

Human Performance User’s Group