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Give your audience skills they'll use immediately and stories they'll remember for years to come



More reliable business operations
with fewer errors


A safer workplace
with fewer injuries


More employee engagement, Psychological Safety & trust

Finding the right speaker on Safety and Human Reliability is tough

Your audience is depending on you.

They are technical experts and leaders. They work in electric utilities laboratories, or other high-hazard industries.

They want new ideas on how to improve safety and human reliability from an expert who can communicate, engage, and even inspire them.

But there's a problem...


Some speakers tell good stories, but give you no real evidence or practical take-aways.


Other speakers give you a sales pitch or an infomercial instead of real content.


And some speakers offer theories so abstract and complex that you and your audience wind up scratching your heads in confusion.

If you've felt frustrated, embarrassed and angry after keynotes like these, you're not alone.

I deliver keynotes very differently.

“We got more practical ideas from Jake than from any other keynote we can remember. After dinner, we talked about Jake's presentation for more than TWO HOURS!

That led to REAL change when we returned to the plant.”

Maintenance & Reliability Leader at the Xcelerate 2019 conference

Years of insights in an hour's time

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Useful Content
Your people are busy. So, I summarize hundreds of pages of research saving you years of time. Your people get practical content they can apply immediately.


Real-World Examples
Stories stick. So I share brief success stories and cautionary tales about pilots, surgeons, wildland firefighters, soldiers, scientists, electric system operators, engineers, and their leaders.

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No Marketing
I briefly describe my company when I take questions at the end. That's it.

Watch this video clip from my keynote

at the Xcelerate 2018 conference

for maintenance & reliability engineers

“We engaged Jake as a keynote speaker for our company-wide safety conference.

Our leaders, from field foreman through executives, were unanimously impressed.

Since Jake’s presentation, our project managers and field foreman have told me that they are starting to experiment with many of the practical ideas that Jake taught us."
Fred Barlow, Vice President & Chief Safety Officer, Reliance Electric, Inc.

Respect & Expertise

I respect how errors in high-hazard workplaces can instantly change careers, reputations, and lives.


I've served on reliability-driven teams as a firefighter, an EMT, a military paratrooper, and as the Human Performance Lead for 3,600 technical experts in a large electric utility.


I've felt frustrated, perplexed, even angry at errors that seem 100% preventable... in hindsight. And I've made plenty of errors myself.


So, over the past decade, I've assembled a set of practical strategies, skills and models that I wish someone had shared with me years ago.

I love sharing these ideas with leaders and technical experts in high-hazard industries so everyone can be safer, more reliable and more engaged in the work they do everyday.

Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D

“Jake is an expert in human performance and an even better presenter.

Our event attendees gave him extremely strong feedback on the webinar he did for us... We would highly recommend working with him.” ​

Matt Barbour, Manager of Communications & Training, Texas Reliability Entity, Inc

Finding Your Next Keynote Should be Easier



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Pick the Presentation
We choose the presentation that will energize and educate your audience 

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See the Results
Your leaders get practical strategies to improve reliability and safety fast

“Jake led a workshop at an exclusive invitation-only retreat that I run called the Satoshi Roundtable, which is a gathering of top blockchain CEOs and developers.

Jake’s presentation was perhaps the most well received among an audience with very high standards.”

Bruce Fenton, Managing Director at Chainstone Labs

Popular Presentations

Each available on-site or virtually

Three Strategies to Build Human Reliability in Technical Teams
45-90 minutes

  • Unwanted errors and surprises in high-hazard industries can end lives, ruin careers, and capsize company reputations overnight.

  • Some teams handle errors & surprises far more effectively than others. What works? What doesn’t? Join us to learn the fundamentals of three key strategies successfully used by aviation, health care, emergency services, the military, and other high hazard industries across the globe.

  • You’ll walk away with practical techniques that you can apply to your job immediately, as well as eye-opening insights that can help you improve human reliability and safety in your workplace for years to come.

How to Build Trust and Expertise with After Action Reviews (AARs)
45-90 minutes

  • “The Army's After Action Review (AAR) is arguably one of the most successful organizational learning methods yet devised." So says Peter Senge, who literally wrote the book on Learning Organizations.

  • I've used After Action Reviews for more than 20 years. It's the best method I've ever found to build trust and reveal priceless, unwritten (tacit) expertise within a team.

  • AARs work well for both front-line and office workers.

  • Join us to learn the four key questions of an AAR, plus nine "field expedient" tips from 20 years of experience. You'll actually get to DO a brief real-world, hands-on AAR too.

Three Ways to Build Psychological Safety in Your Team
45-90 minutes

  • Psychological Safety has been a core practice of Learning Organizations since two MIT professors proposed it in 1965.

  • Thanks to the work of Dr. Amy Edmondson, Psychological Safety has become far more well-known than ever.

  • The challenge is to transform good theory into practice.

  • So, in this presentation, you'll get a quick intro to the concept of Psychological Safety and learn three concrete, practical, non-obvious techniques you can use immediately to improve Psychological Safety in your team.

Why We Can't Proceduralize Everything: And Three Real-World Alternatives
45-90 minutes

Unwanted errors & surprises are serious threats to reliability in any high-hazard industry. To address them, many leaders apply a mechanistic approach. They install controls, write procedures, and enforce compliance. But these mechanistic strategies often backfire in adaptive, human-based systems. Join us in this presentation to:

  1. Learn the difference between Mechanistic and Adaptive Systems

  2. See why we can't "Proceduralize Everything” in Adaptive Systems

  3. Get three practical, real-world strategies for increasing reliability and safety in adaptive, human-based systems.

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