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Many companies try to eliminate errors, and fail

I show leaders why errors are just symptoms, and how to address the deeper problem, so everyone can work more reliably and safely.

One day, an electrical engineer walked into a substation, flipped the wrong switch, and accidentally shut down a power plant. Because of that error, his company wound up paying about $1,000,000 per day until it was fixed.

I help leaders like you prevent errors like that.

Many people think of errors as defects. They try to eliminate all errors with detailed procedures, strict compliance, and zero tolerance.

Over many years, I saw how this mechanistic approach creates fear, rewards silence, and punishes innovative experts and truth-tellers.

So, I collected the most effective strategies and skills from:

  • My service as a firefighter, an EMT, and a military paratrooper

  • My Ph.D. research, and 20 years of experience teaching adults

  • Hundreds of stories of technical experts working in high-hazard industries like yours

That's what I give you when we work together.


Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D

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“Jake provides training... that communicates complex concepts from psychology and human performance with understandable language, practical exercises, and easily applied methods.”

~ Earl Carnes

Senior Advisor in High Reliability

Principal author, DOE HPI Manuals

US Department of Energy, DOE (Retired)

Human Performance Improvement (HPI)

  • Served as the HPI Lead of a 3,600+ person unit in Dominion Energy

  • Partnered with technical experts in Distribution, Transmission, Substation, Switching, System Protection, & Generation

  • Researched, taught workers, and advised policy-makers how to address errors by applying defenses, improving processes, and building resilience

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“The kind of long-term, deep mentoring that Jake does compounds over time and generates far more valuable results than any class or presentation by itself.”

 ~ Robert J. Latino

CEO Reliability Center, Inc. (ret.)


  • Developed a practical Scan & Focus model of Situational Awareness

  • Created interactive, discussion-based Teaching Cases on real incidents

  • Designed a Near Miss Library that received over 150 reports and was endorsed by both company executives and Union leaders

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“Jake led a workshop at an exclusive, invitation-only retreat that I run called the Satoshi Roundtable, which is a gathering of top blockchain CEOs and developers.

Jake’s presentation was perhaps the most well received among an audience with very high standards.”

~ Bruce Fenton

Managing Director at Chainstone Labs

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