We teach innovative teams in high-hazard industries practical strategies

to minimize errors

and build expertise

The Problem

Unwanted errors in high-hazard industries threaten life and limb, end careers, and waste over $37 billion... each year.


Trying to eliminate all errors by "proceduralizing everything," and forcing compliance often backfires and causes more errors.

The real problem is not errors. It's how we misuse errors to block instead of build resilience.


Jake has played an integral role in re-shaping culture and behaviors around safety and work planning and control...


Folks are beginning to realize the importance of communication and collaboration...


The use of fail-safes, adaptive thinking, and peer checks are becoming part of the way we do things.”

~ Work Planning and Control (WPC)

Program Manager at a National Science Laboratory

Client Industries

We work with innovative leaders in high-hazard industries including: scientific labs, electric power utilities, emergency services, and health care. Past clients include:

  • US Department of Energy Science Labs

  • National Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)

  • Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

  • Fluke Accelix

  • Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services

  • Virginia Department of Emergency Management

  • Many private firms who prefer to stay anonymous

Measurable Benefits

  • Improved safety -- fewer injuries

  • Higher reliability -- fewer expensive errors

  • Increased employee engagement

  • Higher retention -- lower turnover

  • Fewer problems with regulators & insurers

  • Better organizational resilience to unexpected events (like COVID-19)

  • Time saved from process improvements

  • Money saved from less rework & downtime 

How It Works

In our Interactive Webinars, your teams get practical, evidence-based strategies, real-world examples, a common language... and often inspiration, too.


Then, in our Follow Through Advising Sessions, we roll up our sleeves and help your teams apply their new strategies to customize defenses, improve processes, and build resilience.

Want a Quick Start?  Just choose the webinar you need, then contact us to confirm details, and schedule it ASAP.

Want Deep Results? Contact us. Using a unique 6-question interview, we'll clarify your core challenges, goals, metrics, and real-world vision of success. Together, we'll build a high-value, low-risk program of interactive webinars and small group advising sessions to achieve your long-term goals over 12-36 months.

Why JMA?

  • Practical strategies, not abstract theory

  • Customized solutions, not a "canned" program

  • 100% virtual. On-site available after COVID-19

  • Our three core strategies bridge the gap between entry-level HPI Defenses and graduate-level HRO. We have no "pet" theory to sell.

  • JMA serves as an independent, trusted advisor to help you build your own long-term solution, not to sell you the next "flavor-of-the-month."

  • Check our reputation for friendly, ethical, high-quality, client-focused results. Just ask around.

Want to learn more?
Let's talk.  

Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D.

Director, JMA

(540) 466-1357

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