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Video of webinar: Three Strategies for Managing Errors

In this 60-minute webinar to about 75 Reliability Engineers, I give an overview of the three strategies at the core of most all of the workshops I teach:

  1. Apply Defenses

  2. Improve Processes

  3. Build Resilience

See especially...

  • 01:25 — Why I’m so fascinated with learning and sharing practical strategies for addressing workplace errors

  • 04:25 — My background including firefighting, EMS, service as a military paratrooper and how that led me to study Human Reliability

  • 07:15 — How much do the top 500 business in the US and UK spend on workplace errors every years

  • 17:11 — Strategy #1 — Classic Defenses

  • 19:46 — The core problem with Strategy #1

  • 22:00 — Strategy #2 — Improve Processes

  • 26:18 — The core problem with Strategy #2

  • 27:30 — Strategy #3 — Build Resilience

PS -- Just for fun... who is Sven Otten? Watch this to find out.

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