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New 30-minute video podcast — Mike Kinney interviews Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D.

Have you watched any of Mike Kinney's video podcasts at Safety Culture

Mike has interviewed:

  • Jeff “Odie” Espenship, former A-10 Thunderbolt (“Warthog”) pilot

  • Deborah Roy, CSP, President of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP)

  • Roy Bridges, US Air Force Major General and former NASA Space Shuttle Pilot

And on his October 6, 2021 episode, Mike interviewed me.

Watch the full 30-minute video podcast here.

  • 05:18 — What a Ph.D. in Education taught me about Human Performance

  • 07:20 — Why nuclear-based Human Performance doesn’t translate well to other industries

  • 08:34 — What the hell is Culture anyway?

  • 09:56 — A 17-word recipe for creating a toxic work culture (from Chris Argyris)

  • 13:36 — What is a “Consolidation of Subtleties”?

  • 18:36 — How Jake helped one team reduce errors by 60%

  • 21:33 — How Jake helped one investigator transform punitive investigations into high-trust, psychologically safe event debriefs

  • 26:25 — What happened when I almost drove a 12-ton fire engine over a bridge that would hold only 9 tons

  • 29:20 — Jake’s favorite quote from Mark Twain

  • 30:30 — Treat errors as signals, not defects

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