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Human Reliability Accelerator Course

A seven-week interactive course to help technical experts improve reliability, safety, and engagement fast

Registration closes Monday Sept. 7th. Limited to 25 participants. 

Smoother business operations
with fewer errors


A safer workplace
with fewer injuries


More employee engagement,
Psychologial Safety & trust

Three Problems You Face

If you want innovative, practical methods to improve reliability and safety, you have a few options:

1) Do-It-Yourself
You can spend years reading books and articles, listening to podcasts, and attending conferences. The problem? Without expert guidance and support, it's easy for you to get lost, burn out, & give up.

2) Partner with an Advisor

Your company can hire an Advisor to teach and guide hundreds of people in your company. The problem? It requires lots of approvals and scheduling. What if only a few people want skills & guidance?
3) Buy a Package
Prepackaged programs look great on paper, and are often well-marketed. The problem? They're never really "yours." They're tough to customize to your unique needs and culture. And they're expensive.

If you don't like any of these options, and believe there should be a better option, then you're not alone.

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"I’ve watched so many people (including myself) perform better and more safely in our work, and in turn become better coaches to our colleagues on human performance and safety because of Jake’s input.”

Michael Legatt, Ph.D., CEO and Founder at ResilientGrid

An Open-Enrollment Course That Works

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Practical Skills
Your people are busy. So, I summarize hundreds of pages of research saving you years of time. Your people get practical content they can apply immediately.

Expert Guidance
Learning new ideas is easy. Putting them into practice is hard. So, in each week, you'll get plenty of feedback & guidance to maximize impact to your everyday work.

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Sustainable Change
One-and-done trainings are a sprint. Improving culture is a marathon. We spread sessions out over several weeks. Why? So you get reinforcement on core ideas, and enough "soak time" to experiment, adjust, iterate, and sustain momentum that drives real world change.

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“Jake’s knowledge of human performance and the ability to break it down to easily understandable pieces was very beneficial to me as I was new to the HP world at that time. His facilitation style and “storytelling” approach is very valuable and he has a knack of drawing people in.”

Laura Redenshek, Director, Safety & Human Performance, First Energy Utilities

How It Works

1) Register & check your calendar

Live classes are engaging. Recorded content is convenient.
You'll get the best of both worlds.

Enrollment closes on Monday, September 7th.

2) Join us live and / or watch the videos

Participate in a new two-hour virtual workshop (via Zoom) each week. Scheduling issues? No problem. We record all workshops. You can binge-watch all the videos anytime until a month after the course ends.

3) Do the step-by-step exercises and get feedback

Use the worksheets to put your new skills to work immediately. Show me your draft written deliverables and toughest written questions each week to get customized feedback unique to you.

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4) Benefit from the Wisdom of Crowds

Enjoy lifetime access to our private LinkedIn group. Ask questions, share successes, collect resources, and get group input on any question, 24 / 7.

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5) See your results and confidence grow

Unlike "one-and-done" trainings, this course gives you plenty of reinforcement and "soak time" to experiment, iterate, and build up real momentum. If unsatisfied, you can get a 100% refund up until the start of workshop #4.

Ideal for up-and-coming leaders and specialists in Human Performance, HOP, & Reliability in:


Scientific Laboratories


Electric Power Utilities


Technical Contractors

Schedule & Details

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WEEK 1-- Begin with the end in mind

Tuesday, Sept. 14th, 2021 -- 10am-Noon ET
The business case for the Learning-Based approach over the Control-Based approach. Plus, core principles, baseline assessments, and goal setting.

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Week 2 -- Build Psychological Safety

Tuesday, Sept. 21st, 2021 -- 10am-Noon ET
Three ways to rapidly increase Psychological Safety in your team. Learn four key questions to ask, and create your own Assurance Statement.

Week 3 -- Lead After Action Reviews (AARs)

Tuesday, Sept. 28th, 2021 -- 10am-Noon ET
Build trust, reveal unwritten tribal knowledge, and transform your investigations with a method proven for 40 years -- After Action Reviews (AARs).

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Week 4 -- Apply Classic Defenses

***Monday*** Oct 11th, 2021 -- 10am-Noon ET
How to reduce simple errors with Classic Defenses, and why you should never depend solely on Classic Defenses. (Basic strategy).

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Week 5 -- Improve Processes

Tuesday, Oct 19th, 2021 -- 10am-Noon ET
How to stop chasing individual errors and start building systems that set  employees up for reliability, safety and success. (Intermediate strategy).

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Week 6 -- Build Resilience

Tuesday, Oct 26th, 2021 -- 10am-Noon ET
Why our 100 year attempt to "proceduralize" everything is failing. How High Reliability Organizations (HROs) use Resilience to handle errors & surprises.

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Week 7 -- Change minds with stories

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021 -- 10am-Noon ET
How to use stories to build a deep Human Reliability culture. Learn how you can use stories to win over skeptics, teach complex concepts, and share Close Calls.

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“Before this workshop I thought, ‘I was an awesome direct communicator.’ Now I’m realizing that I need to check understanding on communications to confirm.”

Manager at a scientific laboratory

Respect & Expertise

I respect how errors in high-hazard workplaces can instantly change careers, reputations, and lives.


I've served on reliability-driven teams as a firefighter, an EMT, a military paratrooper, and as the Human Performance Lead for 3,600 experts in a large electric utility.


I've felt frustrated, perplexed, even angry at errors that seem 100% preventable... in hindsight. And I've made plenty of errors myself.


So, over the past decade, I've assembled a set of practical strategies, skills and models that I wish someone had shared with me years ago.

I love sharing these ideas with leaders and technical experts in high-hazard industries so everyone can be safer, more reliable and more engaged in the work they do everyday.


Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D

“Before this workshop, I thought I was making a committed effort to ensure team members feel accepted and protected.

Now I’m realizing that I am equipped with new insights and methods to more effectively build Psychological Safety in my team.”
Manager at a Scientific Research Lab

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you'll be able to:


Show Results

to make a Business Case showing the value of Human Reliability at work


Build Psychological Safety 

by asking 7 specific questions, changing 5 key phrases, and by using your own customized Assurance Statement with your team


Lead After Action Reviews (AARs)

to build trust and expertise, and to transform punitive, traditional investigations into insight-rich, blame-free Event Debriefings


Apply Classic Defenses 

to immediately reduce common, preventable errors


Improve Processes

by baking defensive designs into your technical systems, team practices, personal habits, and even the documents you use everyday


Build Resilience

by using "Sensemaking" to respond and adapt quickly, and by building fail-safes into your systems to handle unwanted errors and surprises


Change Minds

by framing any Human Reliability content you choose into an age-old 3-part story structure that effective leaders, teachers, and mentors have used for 1,000+ years.

Free Self-Assessment

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Take this quick, 10-question, self-assessment to get customized recommendations and other useful resources via email.

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