Sharing Success

As a small, ethical, employee-owned company, we prefer to grow our business the classic way, by developing, healthy, long-term relationships with one client at a time, then depending on them to introduce and recommend us to colleagues who would benefit from working with us.

If you didn’t like our service, then tell us.

If you did like our service, then tell everyone else.

Here's how...

1) Introduce us to 1-2 of your colleagues whom you believe would benefit from a conversation with Dr. Mazulewicz. We love sharing cool ideas and valuable resources with good people for free. We only discuss business partnerships if we all agree there's a good fit... And we're always interested in speaking opportunities at new conferences.

2) Write a post on LinkedIn, Facebook, or your favorite social media platform about the benefits you got from working with JMA. If you need new content for your blog or email distribution list, then share your success story with them (and please CC us!)

Here's a great example from Bob Latino, CEO of Reliability Center.

3) Explore and share with your colleagues our other unique offerings including Advanced Seminars (delivered live or virtually), Process Improvements, Effective Course & Presentation Design and a classic, on-line, video-based course to help educators improve their teaching skills. Please feel free to add links for any of these pages to your website, share them with colleagues, or post them on social media.

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