Leaders learn practical strategies then get mentoring on how to apply them.


Engaging stories and real world cases that make HPI clear and practical.


Jake leads your experts to create practical solutions

to tough problems.

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Cure "Death-by-Slideshow." Create courses and presentations that stick. 

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Jake has a unique and refreshing skill of guiding your mind through a series of pointed questioning where you make the neural connections on your own, versus him just giving you the answer. This is where the learning sticks, because he makes you realize the answer, yourself!! His patience and humility in doing so, is reflected in his superb teaching and presentation skills.


While Jake certainly has the credentials to qualify as an 'academic', I can tell you that unlike most 'academics', he can take theory/principles and effectively apply them throughout his vast field experience and that ability connects with his students.

~ Robert (Bob) Latino, CEO at Reliability Center, Inc.

Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D.

Owner & Principal, JMA

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