Process Improvements

Learning HPI strategies and skills is a good start. But how can you help your team apply this knowledge to improve the challenging, real world processes they use every day?


The secret ingredient is often not another technical specialist. Instead it’s a skilled generalist with expertise in applied communication, decision-making, and adult learning.


Together, your team of experts led by one skilled facilitator can generate a game-changing series of Process Improvements for your organization.


Facilitated Brainstorming

"We invited Dr. Jake Mazulewicz to guide and facilitate a workshop among our hiring managers.  Like any service business, recruiting and retaining people for their mindset toward their work and our clients is every bit as important as selecting for technical skill.  He helped us uncover our hiring managers’ best practices in this area. 


Through his workshop structure, we were able to identify those personal attributes most important to our teams’ long-term success.  We came away with a set of action items that we are pursuing to improve our team capacity and performance.  Even though Jake is not a recruiter himself, his facilitation process pulled the best information and ideas from our mixed-discipline group.  We look forward to working with him on our next complex problem."

John J. Kumm, P.E., Vice President, Field Services, POWER Engineers

Process Improvement with Dr. Mazulewicz


We discuss by phone or video conference your overall goals, challenges, team, roles & timeline and decide whether this is a feasible project and a Good Fit for everyone involved. If so, then we proceed.


We create and send you a single editable document with:

-A customized, and semi-structured plan for our Process Improvement session.

-Specific guidelines & expectations that we’ll use to maximize success in our session.

-Plenty of editable space for us to capture the many non-obvious insights, best practices and Process Improvements we’ll generate during our session.

-A blank section on Action Plans which we will fill in with our final short list of high-value Process Improvements, the people most qualified to complete them, and target dates.


You, your team and Dr. Mazulewicz meet on-site or virtually (as you prefer) and work together to complete the plan & deliverable above.


Over the following 12 weeks, we check in as scheduled or needed to ensure progress and satisfaction.

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