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With 15+ years experience, Dr. Mazulewicz has a unique ability to translate complex concepts into actionable take-aways you can use immediately.


​"Jake's presentation on human performance tools and the over-focus of laying blame on individuals instead of addressing organizational weaknesses was well received by our attendees.


The presentation was highly interactive and provided great use of props and videos. Our audience really appreciated the opportunity to take these ideas back to their individual organizations for further use."

Brian Van Gheem, Manager of Reliability Compliance, ACES

"Jake is not your ordinary keynote speaker. Like most, he is entertaining. But what sets Jake apart is a hands-on, experiential method of delivering a powerful and memorable message... Last year’s keynote, How To Freeze Time included an exercise so profound that I now build it into all of my training. This year’s keynote, Brain Based Learning, with three key tips, had the same profound impact.”​

Deveny Bywaters, Training Manager,

Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC)

Popular Keynotes

Three Strategies of HPI

Some HPI experts tell us to reduce human errors. Others warn us to stop focusing on the “humans.” Still others, argue that “errors” don’t exist at all. If you’re confused, you’re not alone.


In this presentation, we cut through the confusion of the three modern, competing views of HPI, and reveal the fundamental links that connect them.


Plenty, of practical, real-world examples, as always. 




Ideal for… Leaders new to HPI

The Four Best Questions to Help Your Team Learn From Experience

Some people say they have "20 years of experience" when in reality they have only 1 year of experience repeated 19 times. What's the difference? The structured process that experts use to help them learn from every experience. Click below to get a handout to get the four key questions plus practical tips you can apply immediately. And in our live workshops, you'll get 14 additional tips plus hands-on practice leading an actual AAR. You'll walk out with the skills you need to start leading AARs with your teams. 



Ideal for… Teams wanting to evolve away from individual defenses into advanced strategies of Continuous Team-Based Learning.

How to Teach HPI Decision-Making with Interactive Teaching Cases

When I took responsibility as the HPI Lead for a 3,500 person business unit, I quickly learned that many people didn't "get" conventional HPI curriculum... or want it.


After months of struggle, I discovered a solution. I used techniques pioneered by Ivy League business schools to build a series of popular, successful Interactive Teaching Cases.


Here's how you can build your own.



Ideal for… Leaders and educators who need to increase engagement and prevent “Death-by-Slideshow”

The First HPI Tool & The Game-Changing Insight – Two Stories of B-17s

In the late 1930s, test pilots loved the B-17. A tragic mishap on a critical flight inspired them to create of one of the most popular and life-saving HPI tools in history.


And during WWII, these same B-17s were crashing in one specific and unusual way that no one could understand or prevent… until one of the first aviation psychologists saw one minor detail and revolutionized the way we think about errors.


Here are both suspenseful, fact-filled stories.


Ideal for… Anyone who wants powerful stories of an HPI tool that’s been in constant use since 1939 and a game-changing insight about improving systems vs. people.

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