About JMA High Reliability Strategies

JMA partners with leaders in high-hazard fields who want to improve reliability and safety. We teach leaders a wide range of research-based, field-tested strategies and skills to help them minimize, mitigate and learn from workplace errors.


We don't create HPI "Programs". Instead, we help you build proven error management strategies directly into your existing safety, operations; risk management programs. 

The strategies and skills we teach come from our research and/or experience in: Aviation, Emergency Medicine, Firefighting, Wilderness Search and Rescue, Health Care, the Military, Electric Utilities, and Advanced Scientific Research Labs.

About Dr. Mazulewicz

Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Leadership

Before launching his own company, Dr. Mazulewicz served as the HPI Lead of a 3,500+ person business unit of Dominion Virginia power - a Fortune 500 utility. There, he partnered with technical experts in Distribution, Transmission, Substation, Switching, System Protection, & Generation. He researched, taught, and advised leaders in these groups how to combat human errors by applying classic HPI defenses including: Situational Awareness, Checklists, and 3-Way Communication. He also taught advanced organizational strategies including: Crew Resource Management, Just Culture, and traits of High-Reliability Organizations.

Incident Analysis

Using methods from the Department of Energy, NERC, NASA and other sources, Dr. Mazulewicz helped analyze over 300 incidents, and led Root Cause Analyses (RCAs) on human error-based incidents including transmission-level switching errors. He designed & taught HPI & RCA classes approved for continuing education credit by NERC.

Near Miss Library

Drawing from best practices of the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), Dr. Mazulewicz created a confidential, non-punitive Near Miss database open to everyone in the company. Endorsed by both management and labor, it successfully collected over 150 user-submitted near misses & is regularly used to enhance safety policy & culture.

Supervisor Training

Dr. Mazulewicz led a team of Safety Managers in the development of a new multi-day Supervisor Safety Training program & coordinated the roll out to over 300 field & office supervisors.

Interactive Teaching Cases

Using teaching techniques pioneered by ivy league business schools, Dr. Mazulewicz created interactive case-based training modules that dramatically increased acceptance of Human Performance Improvement tools throughout field and office work teams, and helped reduce one technical group's error rate by more than 60% over three years.

Founding Chairman of National HPI Team

Dr. Mazulewicz served as the founding chairman of a national trade group's Human Performance Core Team. That group created initial standards of HPI excellence for North American transmission entities. As the leader of that team, Jake organized two

annual conferences, and led monthly virtual meetings for three years.

Education & Service

Dr. Mazulewicz holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Virginia and has served on reliability-driven teams as a firefighter, an EMT, a wilderness search & rescue field team leader, and a military paratrooper.