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More reliable business operations
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A safer workplace
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More employee engagement, Psychological Safety & trust

Humans make errors

Many leaders try to eliminate all unwanted errors with strict procedures and tough accountability.

That often creates a fear-soaked culture that silences truth-tellers and causes more errors.

And that result is frustrating, stressful, and embarrassing for any leader who truly wants to improve reliability, safety and employee engagement.

There is a smarter way to approach errors.

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"We’ve been able to reduce the technical workforces’ human error rate by more than 60% over a three-year period. Thanks, Jake!"

Mike Carden, Supervisor of 200+ Relay Technicians in a Fortune 500 Electric Utility

A Safer & More Reliable Work Culture


Immediate Application to Work

Your people are busy. So, I summarize hundreds of pages of research saving you years of time. Your people get practical content they can apply immediately.

Expert Guidance


Learning new ideas is easy. Putting them into practice is hard. And a few minutes of Q&A is never enough. So, in a series of brief coaching discussions, your people get feedback & guidance to maximize impact on work.

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Sustainable Change

One-and-done trainings are a sprint. Improving culture is a marathon. We spread our workshops out over weeks or months. Why? So your people get reinforcement on core ideas, and enough "soak time" to experiment, adjust, iterate, and sustain momentum that drives real world change.

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"Jake has played an integral role in re-shaping culture & behaviors around safety and work planning...
The use of fail-safes, adaptive thinking and peer checks are becoming part of the way we do things.”

Amanda Zeigler-Youker, Ph.D.
Work Planning & Control (WPC) Manager
Argonne National Laboratory

Changing Culture Should be Easier

Schedule a Call
We discuss your goals and timeline, and you get helpful resources immediately.

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Choose the Workshops
We plan the right series of workshops to achieve your specific goals.

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Get Results
Your leaders get practical strategies to improve reliability and safety ASAP.

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"The structure for the story-style case studies that we use at Lewis originally came from Jake.

We used Jake’s binary test to shape the error likely situations we defined for line clearance."

Elizabeth Lay, Director of Safety & Human Performance, Lewis Tree Service

Respect & Expertise

Errors in high-hazard workplaces can instantly change careers, reputations, and lives.


I respect that. Why? Because I've served on reliability-driven teams as a firefighter, an EMT, a military paratrooper, and as the Human Performance Lead for 3,600 experts in a large electric utility.


Like you, I've felt frustrated, perplexed, even angry at errors that seem 100% preventable... in hindsight. And I've made plenty of errors myself.


So, over the past decade, I've assembled a set of practical strategies, skills and models that I wish someone had shared with me years ago.

I love sharing these ideas with leaders and technical experts in high-hazard industries so everyone can be safer, more reliable and more engaged in the work they do everyday.


Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D

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"The awareness and tools promoted by Jake’s class were key to improving our operational efficiency.”

Leader of a team operating a particle accelerator

A better approach to workplace errors

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