Effective Course & Presentation Design

Do you teach, present, or communicate complex concepts to others?

If so, then you've seen how many training courses are horribly ineffective, how many presentations are terribly disengaging, and how many attempts to "clarify" complex ideas often just make things worse.

For more than 15 years, I've shown technical experts in health care, electric utilities, and other high-hazard fields a unique 5-step method for creating dramatically clearer, more engaging, and more effective courses and presentations. Are you ready to cure "Death-by-Slideshow"?


“Since applying the JMA Method for course design, I no longer feel like I am delivering death by Power Point. Learners are participating, asking questions and most of all, are actually retaining more information than before. Discovering how to elicit information from the audience was a big learning curve for me, but Jake gave me small practical tips that have made a BIG difference.


I thought there might be a few areas where this method was impractical or not applicable to my industry, but this was not the case. It can apply to any industry. During the personalized video call mentoring session, Jake did not just give me general information, but used specific examples from my materials that helped me connect the dots. Using this course design method not only helped me create a more dynamic presentation, but more importantly improved my ability to connect with my audience in a way that has increased information retention and engagement.”

Katie Smith, Human Performance Specialist, Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC


Q: What exactly do I get?


1)  An 8-minute video that gives you a brief demo class plus an overview of the whole 5-step process 

2)  An editable spreadsheet agenda. Watch the end-time of your course auto-refresh in real-time as you edit the chunks, sequence, and time needed for each module and discussion. Stop guessing about your timing, and start simulating it precisely.

3)  A slide deck that includes all the slides from the video demo class plus a template with dozens of specific suggestions that you can apply on your current project and for years to come. 

4)  A custom 20-30 minute video critique of your draft course or presentation with 16+ high-value edits and practical recommendations for improvement.

5)  A 60-90 min one-on-one mentoring session to answer all your questions about the video and recommendations, and to set you up for success in your final draft and delivery.

Q: What types of industries and content will this 5-step method work with?

A: It's proven effective with a wide range of technical industries including health care, electric utilities, nuclear power operations, and emergency management. And it's been used to teach a wide range of technical concepts including: Human Performance Improvement, electric substation switching, Root Cause Analysis and a wide range of clinical medical skills. 

Q: How do I learn more?

A: Just schedule a free 25 minute call with me. Even if we don't wind up working together, I can often suggest 3-5 valuable resources for you during our call.

Need to learn better "Front-of-the-room" teaching skills? Want to teach dynamic classes, or give engaging presentations?

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Originally designed for Paramedic Instructors, the teaching skills are "Content Agnostic" and have proven effective for 15+ years across a wide range of industries.

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