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Engage your experts
to improve your culture

A series of 7 interactive workshops designed to help your experts build a sustainable culture of reliability, safety & engagement


More reliable business operations
with fewer errors


A safer workplace
with fewer injuries


More employee engagement, Psychological Safety & trust

The $37 Billion Problem

Unwanted errors in high-hazard industries can:


To respond, many companies rush employees through a brief, one-time training or presentation. This may "check the box" and satisfy some regulators and executives. But most one-time trainings...

  • Don't build deep, lasting expertise among your staff

  • Don't apply theory to your unique, day-to-day operations

  • Don't solve advanced issues that arise only after 1-6 months


The result?


Some leaders assume that the "issue has been addressed." But most front-line experts see that policy, procedures, and culture haven't changed at all. And Human Reliability becomes yet another "flavor-of-the-month."

Sound familiar?

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“We have seen great improvement where we have successfully incorporated Jake’s HPI strategies.”
Shayne Wright, V.P. - Field Services, Power Engineers, Inc.

A Safer & More Reliable Work Culture

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Practical Skills
Your people are busy. So, I summarize hundreds of pages of research saving you years of time. Your people get practical content they can apply immediately.


Expert Guidance
Learning new ideas is easy. Putting them into practice is hard. And a few minutes of Q&A is never enough. So, in a series of brief coaching discussions, your people get feedback & guidance to maximize impact on work.

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Sustainable Change
One-and-done trainings are a sprint. Improving culture is a marathon. We spread our workshops out over weeks or months. Why? So your people get reinforcement on core ideas, and enough "soak time" to experiment, adjust, iterate, and sustain momentum that drives real world change.

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“The kind of long-term, deep mentoring that Jake does compounds over time and generates far more valuable results than any class or presentation by itself.”

Robert J. Latino, Principal al Prelical, LLC

Changing Culture Should be Easier



Schedule a Call
We discuss your goals and timeline, and you get helpful resources immediately

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Choose the Workshops
We plan the right series of workshops to achieve your specific goals

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Get Results
Your leaders get practical strategies to improve reliability and safety ASAP

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“Jake has a way of translating human performance concepts into applications that are thoughtful, aligned with science, and connect with workers."

Elizabeth Lay, Director of Safety & Human Performance, Lewis Tree Service

Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D

Respect & Expertise

I respect how errors in high-hazard workplaces can instantly change careers, reputations, and lives.


I've served on reliability-driven teams as a firefighter, an EMT, a military paratrooper, and as the Human Performance Lead for 3,600 experts in a large electric utility.


I've felt frustrated, perplexed, even angry at errors that seem 100% preventable... in hindsight. And I've made plenty of errors myself.


So, over the past decade, I've assembled a set of practical strategies, skills and models that I wish someone had shared with me years ago.

I love sharing these ideas with leaders and technical experts in high-hazard industries so everyone can be safer, more reliable and more engaged in the work they do everyday.

“In five years, Jake took our fledgling HP program to the next level."
~ Jerry Beverage
Director, Safety and Training,
Dominion Virginia Power (Retired)

How Does It Work?

In each two-hour workshop your leaders get:


  1. Concise, practical content delivered in a fast-paced presentation

  2. Interactive discussion, candid feedback, and expert guidance to maximize application to work

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WEEK 1 -- Begin with the end in mind

The business case for the Learning-Based approach over the Control-Based approach. Plus, core principles, baseline assessments, and goal setting.

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WEEK 2 -- Build Psychological Safety

Three ways to rapidly increase Psychological Safety in your team. Learn four key questions to ask, and create your own Assurance Statement.

WEEK 3 -- Lead After Action Reviews (AARs)

Build trust, reveal unwritten tribal knowledge, and transform your investigations with a method proven for 40 years -- After Action Reviews (AARs).

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WEEK 4 -- Apply Classic Defenses

How to reduce simple errors with Classic Defenses, and why you should never depend solely on Classic Defenses.

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WEEK 5 -- Improve Systems & Processes

How to stop chasing individual errors and start building systems that set  employees up for reliability, safety and success. (Intermediate strategy).

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WEEK 6 -- Build Resilience (Advanced)

Why our 100 year attempt to "proceduralize" everything is failing. How High Reliability Organizations (HROs) use Resilience to handle errors & surprises. (Advanced strategy).

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WEEK 7 -- Change minds with stories

How to use stories to build a deep Human Reliability culture. Learn how you can use stories to win over skeptics, teach complex concepts, and share Close Calls.

 Optional Workshop Content:

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“Before this workshop I thought, ‘Procedures will protect the employee.’

Now I’m realizing that while still important, not all incidents can be solved by procedures.”
Deputy Division Director at a national research laboratory


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Step-by-step worksheets and concise Summary Handouts  maximize transfer to work

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Certificate of Completion 
for participants who do a practical, real-world project

Free Self-Assessment

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Take this quick, 10-question, self-assessment to get customized recommendations and other useful resources via email.