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Human Reliability Workshop Series


As you apply the strategies & skills from this workshop series, you'll get...

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Smoother, safer, more reliable day-to-day operations

More psychological safety, communication, engagement & trust

Better ability to adapt to complex, dynamic, adaptive work projects




Traditional trainings & presentations cram lots of “content“ into a short time. Then they end.
In theory, this sounds efficient. But in reality, it often generates zero long-term change.
This workshop series is different.
It's 2 hours per week, over 10 weeks.

From it, you'll get exponentially more real-world change. Why? Because the multi-week schedule and the Apply-to-Practice discussions in every module enable your participants to experiment, iterate, get feedback, build momentum, and actually change culture over time.

Fast-paced webinars engage your leaders within minutes, and hold their attention until we finish. Our workshop is so engaging, many leaders  want to enroll for more.

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Concise Summary Handouts and interactive worksheets  help your leaders quickly apply content to their work.

Practical content your leaders can apply immediately. We distill hundreds of pages of theory down to core concepts, saving you months or years of time.


50+ page, pocket-sized Human Performance Improvement Handbook 

for quick, easy reference.


Deep Insights to help your leaders debunk years of myths and misunderstandings about error, blame, safety, expertise, reliability & resilience.

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Certificate of Completion 

for participants who complete the workshop and a practical, real-world project.

"We have a diverse audience from engineers, environmentalists, finance, human resources, and field construction management and testing teams. Jake was able to teach HPI processes and techniques to all of them...


We have seen great improvement where we have successfully incorporated Jake’s HPI strategies."

~ Shayne Wright, VP Power Delivery

Field Services Division Manager

POWER Engineers


Each week is a two (2) hour session that includes: one hour of fast-paced, practical content, plus one hour of interactive Apply-to-Practice discussions. To get full details, schedule a call.

Week 1 -- Two Approaches to Error

  • The Control-Based vs. the Learning-Based approach

  • Vision & core principles of Human Reliability / HPI / HOP

  • Discussion -- Your experience, toughest questions, and goals?

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Week 2 -- How to Build Psychological Safety

  • The unexpected discovery that blame increases errors

  • 3 ways to rapidly build Psychological Safety in your team

  • Discussion -- Your experience with Psych Safety... or the lack of it?

Week 3 -- How to Lead After Action Reviews (AARs)

  • The four blame-free, post-job questions experts have used for 40+ years

  • How to transform your investigations with AARs

  • Discussion -- Your experience with Investigations vs. Event Debriefs?

Week 4 -- How to Apply Classic Defenses (Basic)

  • Two mental states that make (or break) your Situational Awareness

  • The hidden trap of relying on Classic Defenses... and how to avoid it

  • Discussion -- Your successes & challenges in applying content so far?

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Week 5 -- How to Improve Processes (Intermediate)

  • The 1943 insight that revolutionized System-Based thinking in practice

  • How to shift from Person-Based to System-Based problem-solving

  • Discussion -- Your toughest questions on applying content so far?

Week 6 -- How to Build Resilience (Advanced)

  • The 8 traits of High-Reliability Orgs & their unique approach to errors

  • 4 practical ways to build resilience in your team & organization

  • Discussion -- Your results and insights on applying content so far?

Week 7 -- The Alternative to "Proceduralizing" Everything

  • Why the 100 year tradition of "proceduralizing" everything is failing

  • How to apply Work-as-Imagined (WAI) vs. Work-as-Done (WAD)

  • Discussion -- Your toughest questions on applying content so far?

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Week 8 -- How to Use Stories to Teach, Lead & Influence

  • The secret to effective HPI / HOP communication -- storytelling

  • How to design & teach interactive Case Studies on real incidents

  • Discussion -- Your results and insights on applying content so far?

Week 9 -- How to Create & Use Close Call Systems

  • Why sharing Close Calls / Near Misses is key to resilience

  • 5 core principles and 12+ practical tips from the ASRS and others

  • Discussion -- Your next steps for HPI / HOP culture change?

Week 10 -- Advanced Topic TBA

  • Advanced topic(s) chosen by participants

  • Discussion -- Wrap up, closure, and where to go from here

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