You and your team get expert guidance from me to apply Human Reliability strategies directly to your toughest and most important projects

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"Jake has a unique and refreshing skill of guiding your mind through a series of pointed questioning where you make the neural connections on your own, versus him just giving you the answer.


This is where the learning sticks, because he makes you realize the answer, yourself!! His patience and humility in doing so, is reflected in his superb teaching and presentation skills.


The kind of long-term, deep mentoring that Jake does compounds over time and generates far more valuable results than any class or presentation by itself.”

Robert J. Latino, Principal at Prelical Solutions, LLC

30+ year expert in Root Cause Analyses (RCAs)

We Solve Your Problems Together

Expert guidance when you need it, for your most important Human Performance projects. Ideal for clients who have already completed some or all of our webinars.

What do you need expert help with?

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Lead an After Action Review (AAR)

You want to lead AARs, but don't know how to start. I serve as your expert small group facilitator and lead your first 3-9 AARs. I coach your people and gradually help them lead more and more until they can conduct AARs on their own.

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Guide an Incident Analysis (Investigation)

You need to investigate an incident with multiple, complex human errors. Your standard investigation process won't work here. I assist or co-lead your team through a non-punitive Human Factors Event Analysis. We identify 3-9 non-obvious, practical process improvements to reduce the risk of similar events in the future.


Accelerate a Process Improvement

Your team wants to use Human Performance methods to improve a work process. But they're not sure how. I serve as your small group facilitator, Human Performance expert, or both. I coach your team to effectively apply relevant and practical Human Performance methods into their process(es).


Advise Our Community of Practice (Core Team)

You've created a Human Performance Core Team (aka Community of Practice). But they are unclear on how to proceed. I dial in virtually to your meetings and serve as your HP advisor, your group co-leader, or both. My goal is to help your team get focused, organized, and effective on their own within 5-7 meetings.


Improve Our Human Performance (HP) Training

Your team teaches Human Performance skills within your company. But learners are disengaged and some complain that it's "Death-by-Slideshow." I help your team  design and lead engaging, discussion-based classes that deliver clear, powerful messages that "stick."


"We certainly have faced our challenges in 2021. Often times these challenges come with reward of meeting new talent that ends up mentoring us. This is the case with Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D.


We needed a different lens from a Human Performance perspective, a process of documentation that captured the whole event, and delivered clear and concise objects!


Thank you Jake for bringing that new perspective!"

Brenda Houtz, MBA, NERC RC, Executive Director Grid Management at Consumers Energy

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